The Photo-Text app allows you to convert your photographs and other images into high-resolution retro line-printer/chain-printer text images, just like those your grandparents hanged on the walls of their offices way back in the ‘60’s and '70's!

Before the modern photo-quality printers we have today, and even before the newer dot-matrix printers of the more recent past, the only "photos" that could be printed consisted of text characters that represented varying shades of gray. From the lightest blank space or "." through the various letters and special characters to the darkest "@", the text characters produced reasonable images when viewed from a distance. 

True to the specifications of these historic printers, this app delivers images with up to 132 characters per line on pages of 60 lines (3 lines at the top and bottom for margins giving the standard 66 line page size.) 

A tribute to the great computer printers of the past, like the IBM 1403, and the creative programmers who worked with them.