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Software Development Times Magazine ( interviewed David Guidos for an article about Plan Bee. Click on the image to read the article.


On July 10, 2016, David Guidos again represented WWT / Asynchrony Labs as part of a team that competed in the Cisco live! Conference Hackathon at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. The team won frst place for their project that helps bee colonies by sensing bees in the field usng sound sensors to detect their characteristic buzzing and FLIR thermal imaging sensors to monitor the health of the hives. Information from the sensors was uploaded to the cloud where it could be used by farmers and research scientists to help locate hives to best pollinate crops and preserve the bee colonies.

The team consisted of (from left) Shawn Donoho, David Guidos, Tim Fuller, Todd Erickson. The team was organized by Derek Lohman (not pictuured.)

WWT / Asynchrony Labs intervewed David Guidos for a short video describing the project. Click here.


On April 13, 2015, Our RoboJudge app was again used to judge the Horry County Technology Fair in Myrtle Beach. Approximately 90 judges used the app on iPads to select the winners from among 1500 students who entered the competition this year. The app was upgraded to improve responsiveness and to take advantage of changes to the iOS operating system since last year's event, Here's a link for more information about the event. Click here.



On November 7, 2015, David Guidos helped mentor the winning team at the University of Missouri, Saint Louis Women's Hackathon.. The project was to create a web site or game to help educate people about climate change and teach them how to handle its consequences. The team won first prize by creating an interactive game to help kids learn how to handle various emergency situations.



On June 7, 2015, David Guidos was part of a team from World Wide Technology / Asynchrony Labs that participated in a DevNet Hackthon competition at the Cisco Live! Conference in San Diego, California. The team was presented with a giant check for $5000 for taking second place in the competition for their Secure 11 system. The security program used six of Cisco's new software and hardware development platforms to create a system which automatically authenticates and physcally tracks people on a 3D map in an ultra-secure environment. Cisco's new CMX hyper-location system allows 1-meter resolution to spatially locate people anywhere within a facility. Security violations create alerts and the system logs any intrusions for later analysis.

The World Wide Technology / Asynchrony Labs Team consisted of (left to right): Todd Erickson, Shawn Donoho, Tim Hamer, David Guidos and Sam Womack.

We are happy to report that the Statesboro Main Street Farmer's Market in Statesboro, Georgia is open for 2015! Guidos Labs is a proud sponsor ot the market and was selected as the sponsor of the week for the opening weekend. Be sure to drop by the market if you're in the Statesboro area on Saturdays. You're sure to find some healthy locally grown food and lots of friendly conversation.

Guidos Labs was once again proud to be a sponsor of the Horry County Schools Technology Fair. On March 24, 2015, HCS hosted the regional technology event with over 450 teams participating. Over 50 judges at the fair used a new and improved version of our RoboJudge iPad app to score the teams, and the officials were able to return the results in record time.


On November 8, 2014, David Guidos participated as a mentor at the University of Missouri - Saint Louis (UMSL) First Women's Hackathon 2014. The event was created to encourage more women to seek careers in the Information Sciences and brought together teams of women students for a friendly one-day competition. The teams were tasked to create a mobile app or web application to assist recovery efforts in the event of a natural disaster. Dave represented Asynchrony which was represented by a total of four developer/mentors and one presentor (Jason Tice) who helped coordinate the event.

(Asynchrony Volunteers: Ryan Dowell, Mackenzie Britton, Kartik Patel, Dave Guidos, Jason Tice.)

UMSL published a short video of the event. Click here.


In June 2014, Guidos Labs initiated an incredibly ambitious open-source community research project which may eventually become the most important information science experiment ever attempted. The ultmate goal of the project is the creation of an artificial consciousness and is named Project Pinocchio after the story of the wooden puppet who dreamed of becoming a real boy. Consciousness is a complex subject which currently defies definition, and it is hoped that this project will capture the imagination of everyone who might be able to contribute toward its development. The project will span many technological disciplines including electronics, information science, physics and life sciences, and encourages additional input from such fields as socal sciences, philosophy and theology as long as scientific discipline is observed in all aspects of the research. You can follow the progress of the project at Please feel free to contribute in any way which you feel might benefit the project.

On Thursday, March 27th, David Guidos did a presentation to the Numbers & Bytes Club at Coastal Carolina University. As part of the presentation, everyone attending the meeting participated in the design of a custom iOS app for the club. When the meeting finished, the app was operational and nearly complete (except for a few resources like icons and table content). The app has been handed off to the club for final completion and should be published to the App Store soon. The presentation also included a demo of a game app we're developing using the Sprite Kit. It may be the subject of a follow-up presentation, so check back with us for details.:

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On April 9th, the Grand Strand Technology Fair (TechEXPO) took place at the Myrtle Beach convention center. Guidos Labs was one of the Horry County School District's sponsors for the event and created an iPad app (RoboJudge) that 40 judges used during the various competitions at the expo. The app gathered the judges' scores in real-time for analysis at the fair and allowed the district to tabulate the results and present the awards faster than in previous years. A random sampling of judges who used the app was very favorable, and HCS has already signed us up for next year's event. We're looking forward to it! We want to thank Ashley Gasperson, Chad Smith and Charles Hucks from HCS who gave us this opportunity and worked with us to design the app.

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