Frequently Asked Questions
Photo-Text App

Does the app allow copying the generated text so I can use it for other things?
Yes. There is an option to copy the text to the clipboard/pasteboard.

Is there a good font to use when I copy the text to somewhere else?
The best font to use is called Chainprinter. It is available from several sites on the internet. Any of the other available monospace fonts will produce varying degrees of acceptability when displaying the text. If the font is not monospace, the image will be unacceptable.

When I convert a photo, the image is darker than I’d like. Can it be made brighter?
Yes. The slider near the bottom of the app’s main screen controls the brightness scale. Just slide it to the right to make the image lighter. The app will immediately re-process the selected image to reflect the new brightness level.

The printer animation and sound are fun, but after a while I get tired of them and they bother my dogs. Can they be turned off?
Absolutely. Just tap the Settings gear icon at the top right of the app’s main page to open the settings page. Then touch the animation icon and/or speaker icon to turn them red. This indicates that they have been turned off. This setting remains even when the app is closed or the device is turned off, so open the Settings page again to turn them back on if desired.

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