Frequently Asked Questions
Statesboro Farmer's Market App

Is the app expensive?
No. The app is free. It is offered at no charge by the Market to help provide an enhanced shopping experience for the customers and vendors..

Does the app have a map to the market?
Yes. The welcome page has an option to display an interactive map centered on the market's location..

Can I get information about the market without a connection to the internet?
Yes and no. While most of the app's features are better experienced with internet access, some features are available even when you're not connected. You can view and edit your shopping list and view basic information about the vendors without the internet. The app wil work fine as long as you occasionally connect to the internet to get updated information about the vendors.

Is the app available for my Android phone?
No. At this time, the app is only available for iPhones and iPads. We have no immediate plans to offer a solution for other smart phones, but check back with us occasionally in case that changes.


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