About Us

Dave as drawn by Mousie 1991

Guidos Labs is based in rural Georgia (and sometimes Myrtle Beach, South Carolina). It was founded by David Guidos who spent most of his childhood traveling the world and playing. His adult life was spent designing and programming computer hardware and software for point of sale operations, while traveling the world and playing. Now semi-retired, David and his wife Lisa purchased a small 50-acre farm (Red Dog Circle Ranch) from which they have decided to travel the world and play. Now David has decided to take all of the fun things he learned during his career and turn them into products to spread the fun to everyone.


Caricature of Dave drawn in 1991 by now famous New Orleans artist Mousie. You can see more of her work at her website (www.Mousie.com).


Dave lived in the mountains in Big Bear, California and was a member of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department Search and Rescue team. Here's the front page of a newspaper showing Dave rappeling from a cliff as part of a TV commercial to promote volunteering for the county.



SIF Demo with Bill Gates



Dave is second from left on top row standing next to Microsoft's Bill Gates in the center. The event was the 1999 annual meeting of the American Association of School Administrators in New Orleans, and the team was there to demonstrate our new design standard for school software application interoperability (SIFAssociation.org). This photo was taken at a rehearsal for the show on the previous night.




SIF Demo On-stage Photo 1



Lisa Hofbrauhaus, Muenchen

On stage the next day during the actual presentation. Dave is rightmost of the four team members on the left side. Our computers were set up on-stage hours in advance of the demo, and we were all hoping everything was still operational at showtime.





Lisa Guidos worked for years as a techical documentation writer for a company that manufactured and sold school food service computer point of sale systems..In that capacity, she wrote documentation and training materials that introduced thousands of people to advanced computer technology by keeping things simple enough to understand.. Lisa is responsible for architecting and designing the look and feel of our app for the Statesboro Farmer's Market.. While she can work with technology, she prefers to spend her time with our three rescued dogs (Roxie, Mollie and Annie) or in her organic garden. She also volunteers with animal rescue groups in Statesboro and Sylvania.




Dave and Lisa at the train station in Denali, Alaska.